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this exquisite video art, "Aaltopiiri," was created by andy warthol. video footage is from a performance of trkh's habeas corpus at viracocha sf, and features denzil meyers and kim harmon. the music and editing is all andy.  he says he was so inspired by the journey of denzil's character in the show that he was compelled to create this work. i was speechless, i felt so honored. i hope you enjoy it.  ~k



 theatrical works:


it/self (2012-2014) --current work in process

new york city: january 25, 2014 Abrons Art Center presented by The Field EAResidency (WIP presentation/excerpt)

san francisco: august, 2013 presented by FoolsFURY Factory Parts Festival (WIP presentation/excerpt)



habeas corpus  (2009-2011)

new york city: under saint marks theatre, tada theatre, sage theatre

san francisco:  viracocha sf, mama calizo's voice factory


parts is parts (2007-2008)

new york city: the red room theatre

san francisco: exit on taylor theatre; shotwell studio theatre

performance art:

celery                     dance theatre workshop main stage (NYC)

celery                     open performance at movement research (NYC)

body parts            apexarts (NYC)

plastic iii                vagina festival (NYC)

plastic  ii                goodbye blue monday (Brooklyn, NY)

plastic                    parkside lounge (NYC)

love parts i            gray area gallery (SF)

animal parts i       space gallery (SF)

love parts  ii          center for sex and culture (SF)

dysconnectshun   SOMArts (SF)

animal parts ii     counterPULSE (SF)

we are still at war   pier 39 (SF)

will                         cellspace (SF)


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