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what are you afraid of? 


is an investigation into what YOU are afraid of.

our source material is your fears.

as such, please consider contributing to this work by answering the question,

what are you afraid of?

via email. voicemail, or post.--------------------->

want to send us a scary object?

a frightening image?

those are great, too!  -------------------->


your responses may be anonymous or credited--that's up to you.  

please know, however, that whatever you send us may very well end up part of a bit of dialogue. your fears might become a song.  your fear may inspire choreography, create a character, become video art. and whether you witness what you are afraid of directly in the show or not, know that EVERYTHING we receive will be a part of our rehearsal process...  that we will hold your fears in tenderness and joy.  your fears will intermingle with ours. they will dance together.

they will become a part of us.








email    ... or write fears here :

​text or call   415.935.4276

phone/voicemail  212. 726.2530

post   the real kim harmon
               po box 1024
               new york, ny 10116

 tumblr   nothingbutitself

don't want to contribute your fears, but still looking to contribute?

art-making, as we know, requires not only the blood, sweat, tears, and excessive amounts of time of the artists, it also requires physical resources. and although we are largely rebels and hooligans, and as such our collective  utilizes mostly found objects and an extraordinary amount of heart on the part of the artists to get by and create the work, we still have to get from place to place,  pay for places to rehearse, and eat food.  this means that the generosity of friends and donors is critical to our ability to create and share with audiences.

luckily for us, we are in cahoots with this fantastic organization called fractured atlas, which acts as our fiscal sponsor. this means you can donate money to the real kim harmon performance collective and 100% of  your donation is tax-deductible!  and in so doing, you become a critical part of the work and of keeping independent artistry thriving. click the gold button to donate.

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